Done is Better Than Perfect

You know how when you hear something for the first time, it comes up at least two more times right away? Almost as if to say, “Hello… I’ve been here this whole time. You’ve just never paid attention.”

The beginning of this week began with that annoying alarm in one ear screaming, “GET UP! It’s LEG DAY!” Being Monday, it takes me a bit longer to shimmy zombie-like out of bed. My first thought – just get there, at least that’s something. Something’s better than nothing right?

You all know how this works. That little line helps you to get dressed, get in the car and at least warm up at the gym. Then BOOM. What a GREAT workout! So glad you got up right?

Later this same day I was geeking out on podcasts during my drives to and from work, as usual (I travel throughout the day as well). The steady inflow of information makes me feel as if I’m actually being sneaky during work hours, and being paid to learn what I want! Yes please. So then I hear a story from the Podcast “The Side Hustle Show” – where Lisa Cartwright mentioned that the ticket to making tons of money off of self-publishing to Kindle is: Done is better than Perfect. Again, I hear this same mantra two days later, from Ankur Nagpal’s “Monetize What You Know: Proven Course Creation Best Practices” podcast.

Wow – this was so strange to me at first. Many of us strive for an OCD level of performance or to create a perfect product or image. This fact, came into my lungs like a bit of fresh air and escaped leaving me so relaxed, and hell… reignited. What happens when you stop critiquing everything you do, because it’s “not good enough yet?” Or if you stop saying, “I could never do that as well as someone else,” and “There’s already tons of people out there doing that same thing, and better.” – WAKE UP.

It was as if I was 7 again and my parents were telling me “You can be anything you want to be.” This is when I realized, this is what life’s about. In the past year, I had been living by this notion without knowing it:

Before dawn workouts – check

Carpentry – check

Jiu Jitsu – check

Gardening – check

Podcasting – check

Website – Why Not!? Because, getting something done is better than perfect. Just get it started. Do what you feel uncomfortable doing and you will soon find yourself cruising through that next project. It may not be perfect, but it’s yours, and you’re better for it.

5 thoughts on “Done is Better Than Perfect

  1. Denise, great blog!

    I often meet people who claim to not be “a morning person”. My thoughts are, I am a grateful person because I wake up every morning thanking God for allowing me another chance to get it right. What are your thoughts?


  2. Dee- that is so refreshing to read that. All my life, my grandma has trained me to be a perfectionist and I’ve been so hard on myself growing up. Until I became an adult I realized that sometimes, you just can’t be perfect. This is such an awesome entry. Thanks for sharing your reflections. PS- I love what your friend said about being grateful just waking up every day. 🙂


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