The 3 C’s That Enhance Your Life.

Now, I’m no motivational speaker and I don’t intend to emulate one. But, in revisiting my list of goals, I’ve recently asked myself why I’m tackling some, but not all? The answer is not limited time. The answer lies within the 3 C’s.

If I were to ask you to write up a list of 10 goals, be it short term or long term, would you be able to do it? Most successful people can associate themselves with anywhere between 3 to 5 subcultures. In order to do that, you must first make a list of goals. My list looks like this (don’t laugh):

  1. Learn Spanish (my high school only offered French. What?!)
  2. Vacation at least once every year to a new destination.
  3. Have better shoulder caps.
  4. Play the guitar. Or, at least learn the chords for goodness sakes.
  5. Compete in a Fitness Competition.
  6. Make handmade furniture and woodworking items for my home and to sell to local folks.
  7. Self publish a book.
  8. Finish the Harry Potter series.
  9. Become a personal finance/investing guru.
  10. Post at least 50 blog posts.

You get the idea. It’s easy. Once you sit down and write them out (I keep a list using the Notebook app on my iPhone), it becomes easy to see that your goals can be categorized. Now let’s discuss the 3 C’s!

It is said that the most fulfilled and happy people have all three of the following C’s applied to their goals, life or habits daily.

C1 = Creation. This is where you get lost in your mind, adding value to your ideas. When creating, your time becomes valued instead of without attention or present state of awareness.

C2 = Connection. Let’s face it. Human beings are meant to be a part of a community. It’s innate to want a strong connection with people. If you find yourself capturing a goal that includes this, you are surely going to own it.

C3 = Contribution. Giving is more fulfilling than receiving right? If it’s not to you then… ahem.. here’s your SLAP across the face! No really, chasing a goal that allows you the feeling of “giving back” will be so fulfilling your head might burst!

So, here’s your assignment:

Make your list of goals. Don’t hold back. You saw my shoulder cap one! 😉 Then use this handy-dandy venn diagram I just whipped up to place your goals either literally or mentally in each category. If they land in the center, get to it! If they land off to one individual category, you must decide which you value more. Let the fun begin!

Vin Diagram Final

– BnG – 

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