Day Zero – Don’t Wait Until You’re Ready.

I like to think that in terms of blog posts, quality is better than quantity. So I ponder, I wait, I brainstorm and then BAM… come up with something “worthy” of a blog post and then roll with it. But recently I’ve hit a bit of a blog-post-wall. It doesn’t help that I’ve been a bit distracted as I’ve finally made THE decision to compete in my very first fitness competition! And since I’m so excited,  I’m just going to type away.

Let’s take this post back to 2009. The below pictures are of my military sister, BriAnne Forrester, and I at a deployed location. I introduce her because she’s a beast and has always been my sister-in-arms. In fact, we started training together while deployed and got our first unassisted pull-up together! I can’t tell you how obsessed we were with fitness during deployments. It’s just the thing to do (sand sprints, 10K at 6am in 110 degree heat, 4:30am workouts after three hours of sleep, deadlift competitions. hard boiled egg eating competitions…Ah, those were the good ol’ days). Care packages with the Oxygen Magazine (and peanut butter, thank God!) would show up occasionally and we would snatch that thing up so fast. As we turned the pages, we just dreamed of having those shoulders, that physique, those abs. This deployment was our first, and it was a catapult into a new way of fitness. With the help of professional bodybuilder Chief Master Sergeant Troy Saunders, we were introduced to muscle gaining. Since then, I’ve wanted to compete but never had the guts and never thought I was quite “ready”.

DSCF0910 DSCF0913 DSCF0915 DSCF0917 DSCF0540 DSCF0713 DSCF0714

The above pictures are from 2009 of Bri, Troy and I. We had always loved athletics and keeping “in shape”, but that deployment was sort of the portal to the next level for us. I can’t stop laughing at how we looked like little babies. =) But Rome wasn’t built in a day. And this is when we started to go from “skinny athletic” to seeing some musculature forming.


  IMG_5851  IMG_5850 IMG_5852

MSgt BriAnne Forrester – 2015 2nd Place Figure Novice

(Her first competition)


IMG_5846 IMG_5845 IMG_5848

CMSgt Troy Saunders


BriAnne and I have always paved the way for each other. What she gets into, I do, and vice versa. We’ve been known to “one-up each other” in a healthy competitive way. She constantly challenges herself and inspires me everyday. She’s encouraged me to step it up and finally compete as well. At some point you have to say “ENOUGH” with not feeling “READY.” Of course you’re never ready. If you wait until your ready, the day will never come. She gave me her trainer’s information a while back, but one morning last week I woke for the gym at that 4:45am mark and said to myself “WHAT AM I DOING?” I have the discipline. I can refrain from certain foods with the best of them. What am I waiting for!? It’s NOW or NEVER!!

Example of the Figure Competitor Body:

Leangains Intermittent Fasting Figure Competitor Danielle Reutter 2 tumblr_mcqskmxbNx1rb3a44o1_1280  _W5Q9181_BBDVCSLALY


Tomorrow I receive my first week’s diet plan and training regimen from #teamswiftathletics. Please come along with me on this journey. I’ll post 1-2 times/weekly with updates under “Challenges/Events” in my website. I can’t thank you all enough for your endless support. The below photos are Day-0. We are 11 weeks out from the competition on Sept 26th in Atlanta, GA. My coach has promised a “Championship Figure Physique”. Let’s get this ball rolling and see what we can do, shall we?!?



– BnG – 

One thought on “Day Zero – Don’t Wait Until You’re Ready.

  1. Seriously don’t even know where to begin! Since 2009 you have only pushed me to become stronger not only physically (obvious) but mentally! I wouldn’t be close to where I am without your influences! I can remember convos on our first deployment and I would think to myself that I would never be like you (a money saving goal oriented beast) but found out that IS who I am! Hahaha
    As I get ready to deploy for the 3rd time but the 1st time without you…….I want to cry! But, I know I’ll be fine and I can always get a hold of you when I need something. ….even just a good laugh! You are going to kill the competition. Most have to train for 14+weeks but your day 0 pics…..smh! You work on those lats and you could hop on stage in 4 weeks and sweep it! So excited for you! And thanks for the shout out…..I am honored to be Brains n Gains worthy! Love ya sis:) to the last rep!


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