What Figure Competition Training Has Taught Me So Far

The past three weeks I have learned a lot about myself. Like they always say: Adversary is the key to success. Through challenging experiences we learn to become stronger. If you shy from adversity you become mediocre. On this path to becoming stronger (physically and mentally), we learn so much from these experiences. So… Let the Figure Competition Training continue. =)

I’d like to throw in a disclaimer… there are going to be some self photos in these blog posts but I’d like for you to first squash the stigma of skin exposure. Most of the time skin exposure is equal to expected sexuality and promiscuity. These, however are to celebrate transformation and the beauty of the human body, it’s adaptability and the poise that comes with challenging the musculoskeletal system. Skin doesn’t have to be sexual. It can be exposed for raw depth of character. For example, it helps to look past a “booty” and appreciate the gluteus for it’s endless struggle with showing it’s capability in being a piece of human art. Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

– What Figure Competition Training Has Taught Me So Far – 

MACROS: This is a real thing. I thought this may have been the next diet craze or some sort of excuse for people to have a daily cheat meal. But really folks, this has been the biggest blessing in keeping me sane. My trainer gives me a calorie/protein/carb/fat target each week according to how my progress photos were the week prior. With this system, I use the My Fitness Pal App to track every single food item. In doing this, you can see really quickly how the food adds up. My girlfriend (shoutout to Bri!) mentioned it’s much easier to plan all your food on the app the night before so that the next day, eating isn’t such a chore. Thank goodness. Also, the “Macro way” allows you to have an occasional restaurant meal or “cheat meal” as long as it’s accounted for within your allotted Macros, and the rest of the day is adjusted accordingly. Is it the HEALTHIEST way? Maybe not, but it can be if you want it to be and It works!

OUTFITS: I’ve never gone through so much laundry in my life. Fitness clothes for days! And because training takes up most of your free time, two-a-days are the culprit! Get used to wearing gym clothes. Okay, maybe you can dress up on the weekends?

FEMININITY: Get over your desire for a thigh gap and embrace your adductors and gracilis. Please! Curves = Beautiful hardworking women. Bean poles = Unhealthy, skinny fat, dainty, do-nothing chicks.

CARDIO: Known as a supplemental incendiary way of budging fat. We all know lifting weights burns more fat over the course of the day than cardio. And I will be the first to admit, I pretty much gave up cardio a long time ago before this training had forced me back in to it. What I’ve realized now is…Something that I used to consider as “hamster wheel, dead end, no results” training is back in my wheel house and I can’t get enough of it. Because: What are we mentally doing when completing cardio? Nothing. That’s right. Cardio is peace time. It’s therapy. It’s a motorcycle cruise down Route 66. It’s just you and your thoughts (oh and sometimes a really good podcast!). Gosh, I can’t believe I just admitted to liking cardio sessions!

LATS: The bee’s knees. The cherry on top. The illusionist. The amazing hip slimmer! Let’s be real here. Women suck at getting back definition because we are all scared of doing the dreaded pull-up. EVEN when it’s assisted. COME ON LADIES! I was told long long ago from a Pro Body Builder that the lats are underrated and are a must on the female body in order to even out our hips. Lats should equal hip width and if you’re lucky be even wider. Take my pear-shaped body for example – add some lats and BAM, suddenly I’m proportionate and my hips just seemed to narrow even though they didn’t! YES!

TIME & EFFICIENCY: Your time is important. Time is something you can’t get back. And I don’t know how many people claim that because they don’t have any “extra time”, that they just forget about their health and well-being. I am one for finding any way possible to make time for myself. It’s just important for a social hermit like me. I need time to unwind and recharge to kick ass the next day. With 2.5-3 hours of training daily, I’ve been forced to find efficient ways to get through the day. Whether it be to brush my teeth while packing my gym bag, place breakfast in the microwave before packing lunch so that they’re done at the same time, or eating my pre workout meal on the way to the gym… you can make it happen. Just plan it out! Diamonds are made under pressure. Eh?

SUPPORT: This goes without saying. I am beyond annoying right now and I’m not ashamed to say it. My husband is so dang supportive he would never roll his eyes when I go on about my weight lifting session, or how I constantly wish outloud for a handful of cheezits!! He knows how important hobbies, self-challenging and progress are. Luckily he is the same way. It is so important to have someone by your side who will not hinder but will support your annoyingness. P.s. It pays to have a trainer who actually cares and motivates you each and every day. Thanks Kenneth #Teamswiftathletics!

TRACKING: Where would I be without this Fitbit? I know I know, the next technology craze. Who cares if you know how many calories you’ve expended if you’re staying on top of all the workouts and calories-in through the My Fitness Pal App? Well, I CARE! Because holy how… if you’re scheduled for a 250 calorie cardio burn you want to know when you hit that mark because you surely don’t want to over do it. Also, Fitbit allows for a little fun competition between friends and who doesn’t love that for added motivation?

HAVE FUN: It’s about the journey. Who cares if I get on the stage for the first time and I’m the only one up there that has a bit of cellulite on my rump? As long as I know I gave it 100%, and followed each and every instruction provided by my coach, then so be it. Having a goal isn’t about just achieving it and then setting the next one. Getting through each hurdle along the way is the best part. We were made to be challenged and so let yourself go through it. Smile at your mini accomplishments and allow your hardships to push you even further.

3 Weeks In / 8 Weeks to Go

FullSizeRender_3 IMG_6129 FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2  26 July Back 3 10.13.48 AM

Week 3 Done and Done. I hope to keep up on the updates! Thanks for your support everyone!

Let’s get out there and have fun with our goals!


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