If You Lose the Mental Game…

“If you lose the mental game, you lose the physical one.” Kevin Gianni 

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For those of you who do not know, I work in Health Care. I am a Pathologist’s Assistant and it is my job to dissect all of the surgical specimens that come from the operating rooms, in search for cancer (for diagnoses and staging) and disease. I am a solo PA and dissect each and every organ/biopsy that comes out of three separate hospitals. It sounds daunting… but I love it. What I don’t love are legs. Yes, you heard me. Legs… digits… genitals… eyeballs. All of these have one thing in common.

I see on average, approximately 3 legs a week. These legs are from patients ranging in ages from 27 to 80’s. Legs, digits and transmetatarsal amputations are mostly received for diabetes, majority of which, is Type 2. Many people are susceptible to Type 2 diabetes through genetics. Diabetes complications include nerve damage and poor blood circulation. This leads to the dying of tissue (or ischemia), because it can no longer receive proper nutrients. Poor lifestyle habits are the leading cause of diabetes.

You can combat this gangrenous disease (if you start early enough) with two things:

Maintain a healthy diet.


Look at it this way: Exercise and exorcism both refer to ways of getting rid of something — belly fat or Satan. Therefore belly fat is Satan. Okay, sort of flawed logical sequence, but you get what I’m saying! I once heard from a Doc I work with that “For every one hour you exercise,  you extend your life expectancy by two hours.” How does that sound? If you’re not making time to exercise, then you ARE making time for disease. If you’d like proof, visit your local Pathology Lab.


Start with SMALL changes:

Stop thinking bread is just bread. It’s not. It’s actually sugar.

Stop dieting. It’s a lifestyle. Try eating only healthy foods during work hours.

Change out a few items the first week. Then a couple more the next.

Allow yourself cheat meals occasionally. Twice a weekend works for me.

Take the serving size OUT of the bag and put it into a serving dish. Put the bag AWAY.

Don’t obsess over food. Obsess over movement. Take a walk with a friend!


This all seems like common sense, but we obviously still need to work on these things. Preventative maintenance is key, and allows you to live more freely and fully. People don’t realize that their junk food & ill-mobility habits lead to serious future mobility limitations, blindness, dying of extremities (to include genitals – yes we receive dead penises), kidney failure, etc. Sure, always making good health decisions is a mental game. You can encourage yourself through positivity, by educating yourself and immersing yourself… or you can lose yourself physically. STOP! Stand up, start small and get moving!

Your Body is Your Temple.

-> And I’m always here to help! <-

 – BnG –

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