Looking for That One Thing.


I’ll go ahead and put the thesis as the first sentence. My old english teacher would cringe: The biggest mistake made in our culture is looking for that One Thing. 

Now, before I relate this to health and fitness (of course, eye-roll)… let me just say that this statement applies to everything. Example: If you are struggling with hair-loss, you look for the single pill to fix it instead of a combination of tools that are much more likely to work. Such as sleeping more, stressing less, and getting in your omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. That would just take too much time, right? It’s this concept, I believe, that has stemmed from our obsession with instant gratification.

Instant Gratification

That One Thing, is so attractive nowadays because we just simply don’t have time to research, try multiple things at once and don’t want to delay the reward that comes at the end. There are a few problems with having this mind set:

  1. Most “one pill fixes all” approaches may seem to “fix” the problem, but come with negative side effects and are usually in unnatural form.
  2. You may see results but you’re full potential is not acheived. When you delay gratification, you are reserving the reward/benefits at the end and therefore have more time to build and find the actual solution.
  3. You aren’t allowing yourself to be educated on the matter. 
  4. You miss your opportunity to find multiple ways to arrive at your solution, resulting in missing the one that best suits your needs.
  5. Most instantly gratifying solutions don’t last. Think about that “like” you got on your Facebook page. It felt good for 1 second. But 2 seconds later you sat there and waited for another one.
  6. Finding that One-Thing doesn’t exist. The human body (and all systems created) are built in complex network pattern. Look at our physiology. Look at technology. When does it ever take one approach to fix a whole system?

Delayed Gratification

Getting comfortable with a delayed solution is a benefit for multiple reasons. If you’ve read through the negatives associated with instant then you get the point. There’s something to be said about the common sayings like, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” or children’s tales like the Tortoise and the Hare. Focusing on approaching a problem or task at multiple different angles at once, or synergistically,  is the most effect way to achieve your goal. Here’s where I put my health plug – Example – you can train all day long but if you’re not sleeping or eating the right foods you won’t get the desired results (therefore, stop asking your healthy friend what “he’s taking” and instead ask what “he’s doing”)!

Taking the time to find YOUR solution allows yourself time to learn from failures, setbacks and to enjoy small victories. The end result is much more GRATIFYING and LONG LASTING. And now you have a story to tell.


1 week out from my first figure competition!! Woop Woop!!

Week 2

26 July Front 326 July Back 3

Week 10

  1 week out front pose31 week out  back


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