What do you see in this photograph? RED! The color is so prominent and beautiful that everything else just fades into the background. The sunlight hit this row of bushes one morning so wonderfully, I had to snap a photo. For a second I thought this was beyond beautiful… But then.. it got me thinking.


Synergy, in definition, is “the interaction or cooperation of two or more agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.” – Oxford Dictionaries. 


This word has stuck with me for YEARS in that… “This word will inspire my next tattoo” sort of way.   I recall visiting my Nini during one of my college summer breaks and explaining to her that I needed to draw something that would resemble this word. I wanted to brand myself with a synergistic image that reminded me daily about the importance of balance in life. To me, synergy is a strong personal growth concept that can change your outlook entirely.

Keeping balance in today’s day in age is utterly exhausting. When we spend too much energy on one category of our lives, other categories suffer. Maybe you pride yourself on being a “career driven person,” but what does your social health look like? It’s NEW YEARS (!) and a great time to reflect on how the following categories have stacked up in your life:






There’s much research that notes the importance of journaling and writing exercises. I’m a huge fan. Who doesn’t love the old school feeling of a nice sharpened pencil and piece of paper?! I would suggest you set a goal to sit down at least annually to complete the following exercise.

You’re going to need one page per category (feel free to add categories). Begin by writing the category at the top. Then answer the following questions for each category.

  • Start with ONE category at a time.
  • On a scale of 1-10, what do you rate your (insert one category) health?
  • Have you improved on this category from last year? How so? Really dig in on this one as it’ll allow you to elaborate on your rating. 
  • In what ways is your (insert category) health limited?
  • Brainstorm a list of related goals for next year! Fun fun! Let it be serious to silly – to outrageous! 
  • Rate them from most important to least important.
  • Take your top three and spend time on each one, listing ideas as to how you can achieve this goal. The ideas might be as crazy as – Start a Meetup! (Social health) or as small as – practice for 5 minutes per day. You could do it! 
  • Once you’ve evaluated each category, take a look at how you can organize your day to pick away at bettering your balance!

I have yet to get that tattoo. If you have any artistic ideas, I’d love to see/hear them! ;))

Also! Upon listening to The Radical Personal Finance Podcast, host Joshua Sheets gives a huge shoutout to Michael Hyatt – a New York Times Best Seller and creator of LifeScore Assessment! I loved the sound of it (obvi) ☺️. Head on over to his website and take a more calculated look at your rating!

Happy New Years!

– BnG –


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