About Me


This blog is aimed at sharing information regarding the topics which interest me and in turn hopefully interest the audience. The goal is for the readers to enjoy and share their lessons and ideas in the personal growth realm. Things that interest me are the following topics: Fitness, Health, Pathology, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Woodworking & Creation, Traveling and Self Betterment.


I’ve always had a passion for pursuing those goals that people say are unobtainable. “If your dreams don’t frighten you, you aren’t dreaming hard enough.” – Always said by my sister, Lynn. I have created this blog in hopes of reaching those who are also in pursuit to constantly better themselves through self-education and self-motivation to grow and evolve synergistically into a more well-rounded person. I am a nomad, a mover and shaker at heart. It’s hard to sit still when there’s so much to learn, do, see and accomplish. I know that because you are reading this, you have found this blog because you are the same person. I’m so glad you’re here! Let’s get to teaching each other and sharing our successes!


The Air National Guard gets credit for most successes I’ve had in life. I was the Mortuary NCOIC of an EFSS unit. I separated after 7 years, 2 tours, and a hellacious amount of experience (Technical Sergeant, E6) to pursue a Master’s of Health Science Degree, and become a PA (ASCP).

I attended the WVU, Pathologists’ Assistant program, where my cerebrum only stayed intact due to 4:30am workouts to keep sane. I now dissect human tissue, in search for cancer and disease processes. Such fun!

I am recently married to a fellow nomad, dreamer and hobby-ist. I continue to dedicate myself to learning and leading… even if we are now “settled down” for the long haul. You won’t find any settling here.

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12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I will be setting this up for a daily read! Especially during my deployment and when training others! Love you:) p.s. E6;)


    1. Haha wow, being out for 3 years must’ve made me completely dumb! lol Thanks for that correction sis! And yes please, love if you’d do that! ps I’m so excited for you to be training others! You were born for it!! Love you!


  2. You always seen to amaze me every single day and I’m so excited your going to share your journey with the world! This is an absolute amazing idea (and of course you thought of it). You are definitely one of a kind and I know this will spread like wildfire and impact so many lives. I can’t wait to read more! Love you Dee! (:


  3. Congratulations, Denise! You have done so well, and I am not surprised. You are a driven individual. May God bless you in your life , family, and work.


    1. I can’t thank you enough for your kind words Cathy! I just hope this site will help some folks, as I know these tidbits have helped me! Learning is always fun ;). Thanks, again!


  4. Hey lady!
    I’m loving your blog and once again you have blown me away with your amazing prospective and accomplishments. You have always had such a positive outlook and message. I’ve truly missed being able to hear it on a monthly basis at drill. So thank goodness for this blog, it gives me some “Dee time”.


    1. Hey Angie! Oh my gosh how I miss you and all of our drill buddies. So many great people and memories! Your words mean so much and thank you for reading my blog :)). I love that it allows me to reconnect with those who share the same thoughts and values! Hope all is well Hun! Miss you!


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