Challenge #1

For the average person, we spend hours upon hours hustling to make money. This money supports your lifestyle, be it for your children, the future, traveling, etc. We spend nearly HALF our lives trying to MAKE money but how many people know anything ABOUT money? I’m talking personal finance, investing… making that money work for you?! You spend nearly 50% of your life time making it, why wouldn’t you at least dedicate a fraction of your time educating yourself on these topics? Who knows, this may knock that 50% of your life’s time to maybe 40%, or 30%. Let me enlighten you:

Let’s take a look at the average amount of hours worked in one year to support our lifestyle needs:


The graph is a bit blurry, and is much better appreciated from The Business Insider’s website. 

Average annual hours worked:

Dark Red – Singapore (2300)

Purple – Hong Kong (2350)

Orange – Korea (2200)

Blue – America (1700)

Red – France (1450)

Green – Germany (1400)


Personally, I work approximately 2250 hours a year (salary/fluctuates). The added time in travel to and from work and preparing for work could also apply. This changes the annual number to 2750 hours of work. Let’s mess around with some numbers here so I can prove to you how much time you spend dedicating your life to money (Let’s pretend we only live on weekdays and never see a weekend):

  • 9 hours/day – Working
    • 1 hour/day – Driving to & from work
    • 1 hour/day – Preparing for work (hygiene, packing lunch, etc)
  • 8 hours/day – Sleeping
  • 5 hours/day – Personal Time

If calculated out annually (assuming 5 days/week, 50 weeks/year):

  • 2750 hours/year – Working
    • To include traveling to & from and preparation.
  • 2000 hours/year – Sleeping
  • 1250 hours/year – Personal Time


  • Working = 46% of the week’s time
  • Sleeping = 33% of the week’s time
  • Personal Time = 21% of the week’s time


There you have it, nearly 50% of your time is tossed to the “man”. Heck, if you’re an entrepreneur, then that’s great! But either way, you can’t deny that we are devout money making machines. How much of your time would you give up to ensure this money is actually working for you? Now here’s your challenge:

Check out a new financial book every 2 weeks, even if you haven’t read it entirely! I challenge you to do this for 8 weeks straight. At that point you can subside, or even boost this goal. Who knows where this might take you!

Join your local library. Normal rental time is 2 weeks. Direct your attention to the financial section. Intimidating isn’t it? That’s why they make books for beginners. I suggest beginning with “Investing For Dummies.” The basic principles of investing and personal finance are not taught in most school systems. Consumer Math is thought to be something taught by parents to their children. For this, I beg you to educate yourself for your sake and for your children’s sake.

If you don’t have a library, you can follow this very entertaining, educational blog by Mr Money Mustache. It’s what ignited that spark for me! Or, see my recommended podcasts/websites or books pages to utilize different sources.

So in the long run, maybe we can continue to decrease our work hours and increase our personal time! Cheers to free time!


– BnG –

Please feel free to share which books you’re reading and if you’d recommend them to others!

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