Podcasts and Websites


Podcasts can be found through the Podcast App, found in the App Store. Download episodes and play them from your device, anywhere you’d like! The links below are to the associated websites:

  • Radical Personal Finance with Joshua Sheets. Website & Podcast. I prefer the podcast. This is what changed my entire outlook on personal finance. This guy takes a Masters’ level Finance degree, breaks it down and feeds it to the rest of us. Some things that seem to be in his repertoire are Early Retirement, Alternative Education Practices, Investing, Entrepreneurship, Saving and Side Hustle.
  • Mr Money Mustache. Website & Forum. This guy is an expert in getting you to know the value of yourself and not material things. He retired in his 30’s!! He tells you exactly how he did it. His website is BEYOND entertaining with wit, easy formulas and direct punches. Start Here!
  • Go Curry Cracker. Website. Jeremy and Winnie are an adorable normal couple who have captured in audience by retiring in their 30’s and sharing every detail. They now travel the world non-stop, learning the language and arts of the location they currently live in and remain active along the way. They share DETAILED charts/graphs on their expenditures and savings and even their tax return info!
  • Side Hustle Nation Website (Side Hustle Show Podcast). Website & Postcast. I prefer the podcast. This guy’s mantra is “It’s not the 9:00 to 5:00, but it’s the 5:00 to 9:00 that keep you ALIVE.” I must say, I actually don’t have a “side hustle”. But he conducts such amazing interviews and you will learn so much about business and “hustling.”


  •  Tim Ferriss Show. Website & Podcast. I prefer the podcast. You haven’t heard a great interviewer until you’ve heard Tim Ferriss. Larry King and George Stephanopolis move over. Tim has such an intelligent manner with an organized, inspiring message. If you skip this recommendation, you’re truly missing out. I mean, he interviewed Arnold…
  • Ted Talks. Website & Podcast. Speaks for itself. Endless information.
  • TRex Movie Reviews or Facebook Link. Podcast. This guy has the gift of gab! He may well have an entire conversation in movie quotes. It’s an entertaining movie review podcast with great discussion and fun facts! I’m a bit bias – he’s my husband. #hubbyshoutout


  • Sponsored Athlete – Sean Sarantos. Website. Sean Sarantos is an old friend of mine, who I met in the Air Force. He has dedicated his life to changing others’ for the better. You’ve probably seen him in magazines or maybe a giant picture of his face drive by on the side of the Bodybuilding.com hummer.
  • Underground Wellness with Sean Croxton. Website and Podcast. I prefer the podcast. This guy has so much energy for life. The information provided here with knock your socks off. See for yourself! And trust me, he doesn’t skim the top.
  • Barbell Shrugged. Website and Podcast. For the Crossfit junkie: If you’re not listening to these guys, you’re wrong.
  • The Paleo Solution – Robb Wolf. Website and Podcast. The podcast is very powerful, discussing nutrition, training, health and fitness. This guy found himself having extensive Ulcerative Colitis. Being near death he drastically altered his diet and is now spreading his valued message across the masses.

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