Swimming is ___________.

If you’re always the best person on the court, you’re getting worse every time you play.


If you’re like me, you can easily fill in the above space with any of the following:

  • horrible.
  • the worst kind of cardio out there.
  • only nice if it’s relaxing or associated with the beach and a cold drink.
  • for others, not me.
  • for high school kids.
  • prettier from afar.
  • fun when it’s a gentle breaststroke.
  • a necessity on cruise vacations when you want to go play on those big floating blow up things.

Needless to say, I only swam when I had to. It doesn’t help when you’re thalassophobic (fear of the ocean). Also, anyone who can relate to being flipped off numerous intertubes at water parks growing up can feel my pain. But as an adult, is it time to jump this life long hurdle? If you haven’t read my first post Done is Better Than Perfect, then you must know I’m all in for trying new things. What does it hurt?
It helps when you know someone with gills. My husband, was a state freestyle competitor in high school and after discussing the perks of swimming (post-surgery), he had us signed up at the YMCA in no time.

Step 1: Face in water

Step 2: Choose a side to inhale

Step 3: The paddle board is your friend

Step 4: He states “Are you ready?” I respond, “For what?” He states in his most karate kid voice, “To get better?”

Step 5: 10×50 at 2:00 …. ?!?! I had no idea what this meant but basically we freestyle swam 50 meters x 10 times, at 2 minute cycles. Never have my lungs & lats burnt like this and supposedly there was a 45 second rest between sets(??).

Step 6: Get divorced. Hah – just kidding. But seriously.

Step 7: Endorphin rush on the car road home. Thanks babe! (What a head trip).

I post this simply because I’ve learned something over just 5 sessions in the water:

I am worthy of a lap lane.

You have to trust the person who knows you have it in you.

You have to get comfortable with uncomfortable.

Most importantly, when you have a competitive spirit, let it guide you into new avenues. It’s ok to be the best or an expert at certain things, but not at the cost of never attempting something you’re scared of.

– BnG

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